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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Master Bathroom Progress and Some NEWS!

We've made some  progress on the master bath!  As I discussed in an earlier post, we've had some tile trauma, so it's pretty exciting to see things coming to a close.  After firing the original tile setter, we still needed to tile the counter top, so my GC and I decided to let one of his carpenters do the tile setting. Yes, you read that right.  A carpenter.  As it turns out, we just don't have many tile setters in our remote little beach town.  My GC had a tile contractor he used all the time who was fast and good at his job, but he passed away just as our remodel was getting underway.  Most of the other tile setters in the area moved on when the recession hit. 
When the vanity cabinets arrived the other day, we had to make a decision about a tile setter.  We decided the carpenter certainly couldn't do a worse job than the previous guys had done....
We installed a marble mosaic in a running bond pattern, and used a marble chair rail molding to trim it out. 

The sinks are here, and so are the plumbing fixtures -- they are sitting in their boxes in our dining room awaiting our plumber.
We've had a break from contractors for a few days and I've been doing some painting. Looking at these photos reminds me I need to finish painting out that window...
We finally got the shower can and the fixtures installed in the infamous shower. Yeah! 
Our biggest news has nothing to do with the bathroom project.
Our daughter and son-in-law have been working on their own little project.  Our son-in-law was recently deployed to Afghanistan, so our daughter has come to live with us; and last week this precious little one put in her appearance. She is amazing.


  1. Congratulations to your daughter and son-in-law, and to you for the new baby! Glad to see you're making progress on the bathroom.

  2. The bathrooms looking good.....but I can see that you've got something way more interesting to focus on!

  3. The bathroom is turning out amazing! BUT... those precious little feet just take the cake! Congrats to your family!!!!!!

  4. Oh wow! Congratulations! The baby is such a blessing. I hope your tilework is everything you hoped it would be!


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