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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Recycled Gift Bag for a Sweetheart Gift

Do you remember this Sweetheart Wreath I made as a thank-you gift the other day?

Well, it needed a gift bag.  Something humble and recycled. So I grabbed an old Amazon Fresh grocery bag.

To cover the logo, a vintage book page was glued to the front of the bag.  I like to reference the gift in the gift's packaging whenever possible, so a book page seemed to make sense.  The edge of the torn page was left rough to sort of "embrace" the whole "re-purposed" and "making do" aesthetic.

The Sweetheart Wreath was then wrapped in tissue from an old dress pattern and placed in the bag, and the handle was tied with a scrap of jute webbing.  The package still needed a little something, so a felt flower was tied on with a bit of thrifted seam tape.

Do you think my friend will like her gift?

I hope she likes it...

I think she will.

Here is a sneak peak of one of many projects on my work desk today.

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