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Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Few More Seashell and Sea Inspired Chandeliers

This is the second of a series of sea inspired decor posts.  The first post also focused on chandeliers and pendants and can be found here.  There are just so many great and unique shell inspired fixtures out there, they didn't all fit into one post!

Below is a typical capiz shell chandelier, but with a twist.  If you love capiz shells, but don't want the same thing everyone else has, this fixture, available through Horchow, may be the right choice for you.  I like the gently curved drum shade.

Another capiz shell fixture is this globe, made from gazillions of gorgeous capiz flowers!  It is modern, playful, and feminine.

This coral inspired chandelier is actually made from hammered metal.

I thought I would throw out a couple of teasers.  These two black chandies were available a couple of years ago through J. Covington Designs.  I think they were from Curry and Company, but I haven't been able to find them available for purchase online recently.

This little oyster shell pendant will be available through J. Covington this spring.
This Serena Bowl Pendant, by Oly Studio, is pretty unique.  I'm not usually a fan of bowls, as they tend to collect bugs (just keeping it real...), but this actually has little spaces between the disks, so if a bug gets zapped it will fall right through!  (Okay, maybe not what you want to think about when you're sitting down to your roast beast -- maybe I need to work on keeping things less real...)
available through Candelabra Lighting and Home Decor

So, once again, I ask you:  How do you feel about shell chandeliers?  Are the gaudy?  Are they gorgeous?  Are they a little bit of both?  Be sure to check out this post to see lots more sea chandies.

Would you install one in your home?  In your vacation home?


  1. i like the bowl one. Can't recall which room in your home you are considering? Yes, know what you mean about dust and other undesirable things collecting in the bowl. Trying not to think about that too much.... :)

  2. The white coral (metal) is cool and I think, timeless. I would love it in a master bath.
    Mary Ann

  3. I like the one that's a globe of capiz flowers. Very nice. You've inspired me to maybe have The Engineer hassle with converting my Swedish grandmother's crystal chandelier which I inherited. If it weren't for the pesky electrical difference between Europe and the US it would already be up.

  4. Actually, I believe I would install one in my home! They are truly lovely!

  5. How pretty! I'm not a big fan of chandeliers since I live in a small apartment but if I had a big house, I would totally install one in one of the rooms :) I like the Capiiz Flower one. It simple and at the same time a little bit on the girly side!

  6. All beautiful. I can't remember if I told you already but I recently made a shell mirror from all the shells I collected on my trip to Florida. Every time I look in the mirror it reminds me of warm weather.

  7. I'm really liking the little oyster shell pendant!

  8. I would totally love a capiz shell chandie in my beach house. At the moment, I've hung a grouping of six or seven capiz shell chimes and four solar lights over the table in our lanai. There's no electricity overhead so hanging a real light there will require lots of $$$...I'm happy with this "temporary" (10 years) fix. :)

  9. Okay, I'm in love with both of those Horchow Capiz Shell chandies!

  10. that globe is amazing! it would look stunning in a beach house .. and the bowl ... same thoughts as you ... spffft ... and a dead bug drops into your finest chardonnay ...

  11. Beautiful chandeliers! I would install one of these in a heartbeat if I could afford it. :) The capiz globe is my favorite for sure.

  12. Another vote for the globe chandelier with capiz flowers! This will be great in my bedroom :) Looks feminine and GORGEOUS!


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