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Thursday, September 23, 2010

A is for a Modern Designer

One of the most influential modern designers was a Finnish architect by the name of Alvar Aalto.  Often thought of as the "Father of Modernism", his media included architecture textiles, glassware, and furniture.
A brief bio of Alvar Aalto can be found at Famous Architects.

You are probably familiar with many of his furniture pieces, even if you don't consider yourself a modern design aficionado. Many of his pieces are classics, and still in production today.

Alvar Aalto Armchair, image source and additional info

 Lounge Chair 43 by Alvar Aalto is still in production by Artek.

 Aalto's Lounge Chair has proven to be a timeless classic of modern design.

A few more Alvar Aalto classics.

 The iconic Savoy vase -- it's not just for flowers anymore!

Aalto and his wife were very comfortable juxtaposing rustic pieces with streamlined, modern pieces.  Their home, shown above, courtesy Apartment Therapy.

I hope you've enjoyed this brief tour into the designs of Alvar Aalto!  This post is being linked to Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday.


  1. Am visiting and admiring ten fabulous alphabe-Thursday inspiring places- yours is the most artistic tonight!

  2. Thanks, that was interesting! Not my usual style, and yet I really liked all of the pieces you showed.


  3. Oh, so good to have you back blogging! I didn't know he was Finnish, though somehow his name was familiar. Swedes use a lot of modern design. And they're definitely the least "cluttery" of cultures I'm familiar with. (Yeah, that part didn't stick...)

  4. Very informative. Love the post :) Visiting from Alphabe-Thursday!

  5. Great post! What an interesting home he had!!

  6. Some of the designs were familiar to me, but I knew nothing of the designer. Interesting A post!

  7. Loved all of the pieces you highlighted. If only....

  8. Amanda! What a fascinating link to Alphabe-Thursday. I have always enjoyed the interesting and educational aspects of your posts.

    Architecture is such a fascinating art form. And it's interesting to see familiar shapes and know who they are attributed to now!

    I'm hopeful one of these days I can casually throw this knowledge out into conversation!

    Thanks for linking.

    You are really an interesting person.


  9. What an interesting and informative blog you have! I will defiantlly be following! I am loving that vase as a goldfish bowl!


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