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Friday, April 16, 2010

M is for Mosaics and Moving

Sorry, Mrs. Matlock, I always seem to be late to class!  I had a really Magnificent project planned, too!  It was going to be about Mosaics.  Like this.....

Or maybe this.....

But alas, although I was very Motivated by Mosaics, I was Majorly this.
And after three days of Major stress, a Move was interjected.  But not into one of these Marvelous Mansions.

No, we Moved our goods out of corporate storage and into private storage -- well, actually Public Storage.

We filled two of these...
 ... and brought mountains of stuff that didn't fit into the storage units back to our very-tiny-temporary-until-we-find-a-house-or-get-transferred-again apartment.

And then I started working on that Majorly stressful project. Again.
And finally Marched down the street, envelope in hand, and extension.  Then I meandered my way home, by way of some nice Markets.

When my Main Man got home, we decided to watch several old episodes of this.
...which has nothing to do with the letter M.  But my brain was Mush.  And my Muscles ached.  So I never did my Mosaic assignment....

So, Mrs. Matlock, I did not do the correct assignment.  I won't insult you by saying the dog ate it.  He would have eaten it. If I had done it.  And rubbed it all over with bacon. But, that's not what happened.

If you want to see some really cool M posts, by much better students than me, click here to go to Mrs. Matlock's class.


  1. Well, even way out here you missed the deadline, but your post is so good that everyone is bound to make allowances!!
    Fun post!

  2. You cracked me up! The taxes about killed me this year, too. I really need to keep up with our businesses' paperwork during the year. Nothing quite as bad as trying to do all the spreadsheets of all the different categories of expenses for two different business in just three short days...I digress. Nice save though! This M post was entertaining, even if it wasn't about mosaics!

  3. Clever post! I filed at the last moment on the 15th. I have fixed my link on my blog that wasn't working correctly.

    By the way, I love your statement about sharing on the blog. In the interest of fair use, may I borrow your statement for my blog?

  4. Thank you for stopping by. I love comments/company, so come by anytime.

    Love you post here...interesting mansion pictures! I think I will click on the follow button so I can find my way back. LOL

  5. Hi Amanda!

    Very creative post! I hear yoe about the tax deadline headache ..we waited to the end as we had to shell out $

    Good luck with your move..I'd be in big trouble if I ahd to move as I've lived in this house 33 years ... can you imagine how much I have accumulated in all!

    xxoo Pat

  6. Very funny and creative post! I still haven't tackled my taxes but the deadline here in canada is the 30th of april ... so i still have a week or so to procrastinate before sheer terror and panic set in.

  7. moving, any kind is stressful to say nothing of taxes....I love that trailer treehouse.....

  8. That was a lovely M post! :) I think a lot of us were stressed this past week or two.

  9. I like your M post! We had our taxes done since the kids need info for school, thanks goodness.

  10. What a amazing "M"! I am glad I am not the only mommy that tears up for no reason!

  11. Yep, stressful week here too. I love the first mosaic, the color and pattern are great. And tax day is always a bear. I'm with Pat, I would croak if we had to move. I swear I've got boxes in the attic that are still unpacked. And we bought this place 22 years ago :) Kathy

  12. my, my! most M-azing matter.... *mink**Wink*

  13. That was a wonderful post AND it wasn't late AND it was fun and funny!

    Be nice to yourself.

    I like you. Don't pick on you!

    I really enjoyed my stop here on Alphabe-Thursday's little journey through the letter "M"!


    Now exhale, lovely girl!

  14. What a wonderful, fun post you managed in spite of those dastardly IRS folks wanting their taxes and money - hopefully, you are getting some back from them!

  15. Awesome! Very clever and funny, well-written post. I really enjoyed it. PS I like mosaics too.

  16. Ah the dreaded IRS. I always file on the 15th. Something about doing it early I don't like. Maybe if we were getting oodles of moola back. Very creative post!


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