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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Committee is In on This Matter

Are you familiar with these lamps?  Created by a couple of anti-designers from London based Committee, these lamps are an artistic take on lamp making.  The creators use re-claimed cast off items to make their lamps.  Although the lamps may look a little unplanned and random, the artists carefully chose each item they used to tell a part of a story.

As with any quirky accessory, we may not want 
to fill our houses with these, but a few fun pieces might
keep us from taking ourselves too seriously.

I can definitely see these in a studio, a city loft, or a vacation home. 

According to the Committee website, these pieces are "built as totems of improbably varied materials, (and)
are painstakingly composed to contain stories and meanings amongst the eclectic objects they include and consequently each lamp is a unique sculpture, filled with pieces from different eras that allude to the constant turning of fashion and style and the flow of objects into and out of our lives". 

Tell me what you think.  Would you use a piece like this in your home?  

To visit the Committee website, click here.  These "Kebab" lamps are available exclusively through Established and Sons, here.


  1. i like anything that helps start a conversation or tell a story.
    i'd use one in a casual room like a family room, craft room or guest room!

  2. I'd use one in a guest room, or a smaller version on a table in a powder room. They are very clever and would definitely get people talking.

  3. I much prefer the lamps you made me out cast off materials!!! But I'd put one of these at the Briarpatch. It would fit right in the 60s decor...

  4. Just tracking you down to say thanks for your kind words on my post Marriage? Me? Uh, No.

    You're very kind.


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