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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hand Made @ &Made

I really, really, really like hand made stuff.  And stuff made from re-used stuff.  And creatively made stuff.  And useful stuff.  And funky, fun stuff.  And the folks at &Made make all that stuff. So, of course, I like &Made's stuff.   Most of &Made's hand made stuff is bespoke stuff, but that's okay.  I can be content to look  at the pictures and be inspired.

This table is a fun take on the rediscovery of wood slab furniture.  Typically, you would see a piece like this juxtaposed against sleek metal legs-- rustic and modern (think West Elm). But &Made isn't typical. Here, the juxtaposition is between rustic and traditional.  The color pop keeps the eye excited, adding interest and humor to the piece.

Here's another take on the traditional versus rustic pairing.  Maybe I love this because my eccentric and frugal great-grandfather would have "repaired" a broken stool seat with something like this.  Of course, for him it was all about function and frugality, and had nothing to do with artistic expression.  And yet, his "repaired" pieces had an unpretentious beauty.

Of course, you want to pair your graceful Queen Anne legs with a rustic slab of wood!  I get this marriage.  Maybe I get it because I'm married?  I can appreciate that it's in our differences that we all find our complement

Once again, the juxtaposition here is unexpected -- not at all what we would see in a mass mailed catalog!  Love the high tech vs. woodsy statement.

Okay, even their "sleek metal vs. rustic pairing" isn't what you'd expect.  They still managed to make it look a little hobbled together and unplanned. So fun!

These stools may just be my favorites!  They have a sort of clandestine sneaking away from "high tea in the garden" to meet your hot lumberjack feel.  What's not to love about that?

If you'd like to see more of the unique hand made creations at &Made, click here.  Enjoy!


  1. Here might be where our tastes diverge...the only one I could get into, seriously would be the one with the traditional office chair adjusting handle. I guess I'm more old fashioned and Swedish in my wood...but that's ok! We all have our own drummers to march to :-)

  2. I like the green legged "stuff", but like the previous commenter, it's not really my taste. Would be cool outside though to hold a nice planter!

  3. The Queen Ann and the green Garden legs are my kind of thing - a little whimsical.

  4. Green legs :) Thanks for your tips on the chandie :)
    Take care


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