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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

H is for House Hunting...

...and Half-Timbers.   Well, the closing on our old house went as scheduled, so we are house hunting again in our new city.  We've narrowed our neighborhood choices down to two that are within an easy commute to Hubby's job, which has made the search a bit easier.  So, here's what we looked at this week!
This house is a major fixer, being sold "as is".  It's not very clean, there is a suspicious amount of rat poison in the basement, and there are some pretty icky looking piles of debris in the garage.  As you can probably tell from the photos, the landscaping is really overgrown, and some trees need to be removed that are threatening the structure.

But look at this half-timbering detail!  (and try not to notice the peeling paint)

And check out this door knocker....

... and the leaded glass details found all over the house....
 I don't believe I have ever seen a spider web on a window before!  (Okay, not true, but those were real spider webs, not glass ones like this)

Unfortunately, the best veiws are from the potting shed.

But, with twelve foot ceilings, and this dramatic fireplace, well, it's still a pretty cool house!

The kitchen is the size of a postage stamp, with hardly any counter space, but the cabinets are pretty tall.
So, basically, there is room to put most of your kitchen "stuff", but hardly any prep space.

Like many Tudor Revivals, this one has a cool front door.
And how about that original 1927 light fixture?  Love it.

Lucky for us, the bathroom was fully remodeled  -- in 1973!

The house has lots of really nice built-ins.

But it's very small, with only two bedrooms on the main level, and the third bedroom being in the very dark and scary basement (so scary I didn't even take pictures-- it was just too icky)!
Of course, there's plenty of room on the lot to build an addition-- just not so sure there's room in the budget!

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