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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Make an Art Journal From Dollar Store Supplies!

We've been travelling a lot lately, and I often find myself wanting to be creative, but not having access to my creative stash. Here is an inexpensive option for creating an art journal, without spending tons of money.

Did you know that many dollar stores have a book section? When more books are published than sold, the leftover books often end up in landfills or in dollar stores.
While I usually prefer to use a second hand book for this process, sometimes it's just easier to grab a book from the local Dollar Tree.  While you're there, go ahead and grab a strip of paint pots from the kids' art section. You might want to pick up a bottle or two of glue, stamp pads, pretty papers, etc. For around ten dollars, you should be able to pick up all the supplies you need.

Start by ripping out about one-third to one-half of your pages (but don't throw those pages away -- there are lots of projects you can do with book pages). Next, begin gluing the remaining pages together, in groups of two to four pages apiece, depending on how thick the paper is, and how thick you want your pages. You can use an old hotel key card, or junk mail card to spread the glue evenly.

Next, grab that strip of paint pots and grab that card. You can begin spreading paint, one color at a time, throughout the art journal. This is a great way to "break" a blank page. Don't worry about making anything perfect.

Work your way through your book quickly, adding thin layers of color, and letting the pages dry between colors by setting the book on end and fanning the pages open.

Next, look around and see what else you have to use in your art journal. If you picked up fun papers from the dollar store, grab those now. I used some bits and pieces left over from other projects, but you can use anything here. Junk mail and old magazines, packing materials, ticket stubs, or wrapping paper will all work. Don't worry about light fastness, or acid content -- art journals are about the process, and using materials that are not "precious" is creatively freeing.

Begin gluing your bits of paper scraps to your journal pages. Again, don't overthink it, move quickly through the book, adding this texture layer.

You can add another layer of paint or ink over your paper texture layer. Add washi tape, if desired.

Develop each page background as far as you'd like.Congratulations! You now have an art journal full of backgrounds, and ready for your creative inspiration. You can use your journal to sketch, doodle, or collage. Fill it with inspirational quotes, scriptures, song lyrics, prayers, or dreams. Use it to practice lettering, or to collect photographs you love. It's your journal -- use it any way you like!

Here's a pretty little project you can do with your leftover book pages.

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