Google+ House Revivals: Make a Portable Marshmallow Roasting Kit With an Altoids Tin!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Make a Portable Marshmallow Roasting Kit With an Altoids Tin!

Here is a sweet idea for an easy gift this Christmas! Give someone special a little marshmallow roasting kit in an altered Altoids tin!

I promise the recipient will love it. We do beach fires and roast marshmallows all summer long, but somehow the idea of roasting marshmallows inside, while the snow falls outside, seems extra special!

To make this kit you will need:
  • An Altoids tin (or similar container)
  • Marshmallows (I used regular sized and had to squish them a bit to fit in the tin, but you can use miniature marshmallows if your prefer)
  • Cellophane or plastic baggie
  • Matches (you can include a striker, if you like, by gluing a piece of sandpaper to the inside of the lid)
  • Skewers
  • Washi tape (optional)
  • Decorative Duck Tape (optional)
  • Tea Lights

Start by cutting a piece of Duck Tape to fit inside your tin (this is optional). I used the bottom of my tin as a cutting guide.

Place the tape in the bottom of the tin. You may want to add a striker by attaching a piece of sand paper to the inside of the lid (this is also optional).  Wrap your tea light in pretty washi tape. Cut your skewers down, so they will fit inside your tin. Put some marshmallows in a baggie, close with a twist tie or ribbon, and trim down the excess.

Decorate the outside of the tin, if you like. Here is a tutorial for altering tins.

This would be such a heartfelt little gift to give a special friend in your life!  I'm a firm believer that gifts don't need to be expensive to be special.

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