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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

How to Make Gorgeous Pendants With Dollar Store Supplies!

I love doing crafts using materials from the dollar store!  Last week I popped into the Dollar Tree and picked up a package of glass accent gems.

The package contained about thirty clear, iridescent, and colored glass gems that were each about one and one-quarter inches in diameter. I also picked up a three-pack of wire from the automotive section of the store, but you may be able to find colored wire in the floral or craft sections of your store.

I thought the colored gems were so pretty and decided to make them into pendants for gift giving. The pendants turned out super cute!

Instead of a chain, you can grab a roll of organza ribbon before you leave the dollar store. The roll I bought has six yards of ribbon which is enough to make several necklaces!

Here are the supplies and tools you will need to make your own wire wrapped glass pendants:
  • Needle nose or round nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Glass accent gems
  • Wire
  • Ribbon

Here is how to make your pendants:

Begin by cutting a piece of wire about twenty inches long. Create a bend in the wire, leaving about a four inch tail on one side.  This is where you will begin wrapping the wire around your glass gem.

Wrap the wire randomly all around the gem, as shown. Try to wrap the wire as snugly as possible. End the wraps at the top, where the tail sticks up from the back of the gem.

Twist the wires together once or twice to secure. This is  most easily done by holding the gem in one hand and twisting the pair of wires with the other hand, using a pair of pliers. This should also "snug" up the wire nicely. Now create a loop for hanging with one of the wires and coil the tail around the hanger snugly. Clip and tuck the ends, or create little spirals with the leftover tails and press against the glass.

The gem shown here has one tail coiled against the front of the gem, and one coiled against the back.

This is such an easy project and would make a lovely gift or stocking stuffer!  As with so many creative projects, it is a bit addictive.  I am NOT a skilled wire worker, so if I can do this, with a beginning skill level, I promise you can too!

What do you think? Would you try this? I love finding creative projects that don't require lots of money, tools, and skill. The great thing about using inexpensive materials is that you don't have to be afraid to use them! What do you have to lose? Two dollars? These pendants are so pretty! I love the way the light shines through them. No one will ever believe you made them for pennies, with supplies from the dollar store!

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