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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vintage Campers

Do you ever yearn to hit the open road?  To carry your house on your back, and live a little like a gypsy?  I'm not sure if I'm yearning for a gypsy lifestyle, or just yearning for warm sunny weather, but I've been drooling over these vintage campers lately.  I guess I'm not the only one -- there is actually a magazine devoted to these beauties!

There are even blogs devoted to fixing up and selling vintage campers!

 AND, there are vintage camper vacation rentals!

It's been snowing/ raining/ sleeting all week and the PNW has turned into a giant ice skating rink, so the idea of glamping by a riverside sounds especially nice right now...

Hitting the road on a summer day, and stopping for an impromptu roadside picnic... it sounds sounds heavenly....
photos: Erin McDonald

Peering out my window,  I notice a neighbor, holding ski poles and wearing ice skates, making her way down the sidewalk.  I'm not feeling so ambitious.  I think I will throw another log on the fire, and dream of summer....


  1. I like your plan with the log and the fire and the dreaming!
    The old campers and trailers are really in vogue up here too. I'd love to have a little Boler trailer to pull up and down the Island.

  2. I want a teardrop trailer to tool around in with my dog (assuming I get one while I still have Snoopy). I can go visit the grand kids, the beach the mountains and work at Starbucks in-between. :)

  3. I love vintage trailer (well when they are all refurbished and decorated up that is). I would love to rent those ones you show. It is my dream to get a teardrop trailer so hubby and I can camp in a little more comfort.

  4. I am in the process of fixing up a vintage Frolic camper. I will have to look for this magazine. I'm hooked now! If you want to follow my progress check out my blog Thanks for sharing!

  5. Vintage campers for the win! You can never ignore the unspeakable beauty engraved with the very essence of vintage campers. That beautiful Constance is on the top list of my wife’s favorite vintage campers. Well, I don’t disagree with her for it is truly a grand trailer!

    - Tobias Thrash


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