Google+ House Revivals: Honeycomb Ornaments from Vintage Book Pages

Friday, December 9, 2011

Honeycomb Ornaments from Vintage Book Pages

Yippee!  I'm finally back on my own computer, so I can share with you the new ornaments I've been working on. I shared in an earlier post that this new design is inspired by a pumpkin, vintage paper ornaments, and some plastic Martha Stewart ornaments sold at Home Depot.

I loved all the darling pumpkins made from fanned out books that were showing up in bloggy world last month.  They were just way too cute.  I also adore vintage Christmas ornaments, and have always drawn lots of inspiration from them.  These honeycomb ornaments from Marie's Etsy shop are really sweet.

When I saw a Martha Stewart plastic honeycomb ornament while walking through Home Depot the other day, the idea formed to try making my own -- from vintage book paper, of course!

These ornaments look great just hanging from a bit of fishing line, but you can get a little fancier and make a glittered wire hanger if you'd like.

Make these little darlings in lots of pretty shapes!

This post is just a teaser -- the full tutorial will be up in a couple of days.  If you're not already a follower, be sure to hit "follow" in my sidebar, so you're sure not to miss it.  Be back soon!

Here is the link to the tutorial for the honeycomb ornaments: Click Here

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