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Monday, September 19, 2011

Gray Kitchen Cabinets!

Are you just loving painted kitchen cabinets?  I've always loved them, and because our beach house has sooooo much wood, I was happy to include a painted finish in our renovation.  Sometimes adding yet another layer of natural wood just makes a space feel too heavy.  (I'm not opposed to wood finishes, it's just that the beach house house has a crazy amount of wood already)

We did a gray finish on our cabinets.  I'll be so happy when the kitchen is finally finished -- we're so close, and so far away, and sometimes it feels a little disheartening.  This week I have been re-staining the ceiling beams, and painting the pantry cabinets -- a wall of cabinetry opposite the one shown above, that won't be replaced until the next phase of the remodel.  For now, we're just having part of it re-built, and giving the whole thing a coat of paint. 

For inspiration, and to see what others are doing with gray, I've been exploring Google images.  Here are a few bits of loveliness I've found.

Gwyneth Paltrow's kitchen.  Love that the window trim matches the cabinet finish. And I love how rich the gray is.

The clean, modern lines, and the warm wood floors and stools really balance each other out in this soft gray kitchen.

Gorgeous kitchen!  Love the more modern glass mosaic with the tradition cabinetry.

This eat in English cottage kitchen from the movie The Holiday is absolutely charming.

And, speaking of set kitchens, wasn't it Martha's gray kitchen that started it all?

Two different colors of gray cabinetry with the gorgeous texture of these rustic brick floors keep things from getting too boring in this Sally Wheat kitchen.

Sally Wheat's own kitchen, painted in Benjamin Moore's Fieldstone Gray.

More Martha Stewart -- she has the best stylists!

Gray easily goes from sweet to traditional to industrial to super chic!

Are you feeling inspired by all this gray loveliness?  Or are you more of a natural wood person?


  1. Funny I should see this today...I am moving in to a place with ancient cabinets and deciding on paint/hardware. It's currently a toss up between warm grey and chalky green. You may have pushed me over the edge on this one!

  2. Your cabinets look beautiful, I love the gray. Mine are gray as well on the bottom and I just love the look. I am so loving the Sally Wheats kitchen!!!

  3. I love your grey cabinets.
    We have what seems like acres of wood cabinetry in our kitchen and I long to paint it, but The Great Dane is adamantly against. Since he asks for so little in the house, this is the one area I won't 'push' for.

  4. Perfect work you done with the kitchens, your ideas will help to renew my kitchen. Mine are gray as well on the bottom, it is totally eye catching arrangement also.

  5. Gwyneth's kitchen is perfection! I can't wait to see yours ... grey would be beautiful with the slate floor ...

  6. Grey is one of my favorite colors - reminds me of tumbled stones found by the sea ;-)

  7. I love the Grey color and I have this Kitchen Cabinets Los Angeles a equitably handy friend and relish managing the work needed to entire most tasks, completing emblem new kitchen chests of drawers appears like a mislaying proposition to me. First of all, most of the unfinished chests of drawers I have glimpsed are not of the largest quality.

  8. Wow, you made quite a makeover of your whole kitchen! That's a difficult task. Did anyone help you? The shades of gray accentuate the place with a sophisticated feel! Congratulations!

  9. Your gray cabinets look beautiful, I also love the gray color for kichen.

  10. Those are some gorgeous kitchens. I'm dying to paint my kitchen cabinets, but hadn't thought of grey. Was thinking either blue or yellow to go with all that sunflower and my treasured Swedish blue set.
    Tina @ Life is Good
    Post A-Z Road trip!

  11. I really like the grays used in the Sally Wheat Kitchen above with the brick floors. What exactly are those colors?

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