Google+ House Revivals: Combing the Beach for Color Inspiration

Friday, November 26, 2010

Combing the Beach for Color Inspiration

We are running away from Black Friday today!  We will be heading out to the shore to do a different kind of "hunting and gathering".

I'm not actually talking about beach combing, although we may do a little of that...

If we get really lucky, maybe the tides and storms will bring some really cool treasures. 

But mostly, I'll be collecting color inspiration for the beach house remodel.

Don't you just love the bit of lavender and pearly gray on the inside of the razor clam shell?

Of course, color inspiration can be found among the dune grass, as well!

This deep eggplant color is pretty scrumptious..,

... as are the warmer tones of this clam shell.  The dark gray of the sand really sets the colors off, don't you think?

Maybe we'll look to the gray-blue of the winter sky for inspiration.

And maybe, just maybe, the sun will peak out and show us something like this.

I was hoping to get another tutorial up before leaving town, but that may not happen, in our rush to get out the door.   Hopefully, we'll have a remodeling update for you when we get back!

Have a wonderful weekend!