Google+ House Revivals: Chicken Coop to Studio!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chicken Coop to Studio!

When we moved into this house, we had this long narrow "lean-to" chicken coop on the side of the garage.  The lean-to had three very low openings on the side, and a removable panel on the front and no foundation.  It was dark and cave-like.  

We built a foundation early on, but for years the old lean-to was still just a cave.  Then one day my husband came home from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore with a big grin, and an even bigger window!  And no idea how to install it  (I'm the construction expert in the family).

Sooooo, I drew up a construction document showing how to frame out the opening for the window.  It's very important to use the proper drafting supplies when doing these sorts of projects!

Then I "supervised" while my husband cut and framed the new opening. (see the supervisor chair just inside the lean-to?)

*it's very important to leave safety/tripping hazards such as garden hoses and extensions cords lying about whenever you do a home improvement project.  This will help to ensure the maximum number of construction-related injuries.

And I "supervised" some more while he and a couple of friends helped to install it (and, yes, I really did supervise, explaining exactly how to level the window using shims and explaining how to use shims-- God bless my patient husband)!  Once the window was level and plumb, we were in business.
And we were so inspired by how the window transformed the space, that we began our search for some french doors. 

We built a wall where the removable panel had been, bought some vintage doors from the local Resource yard, framed them out and installed them.  And we were so inspired by the french doors, that we decided the new studio was going to need a new brick patio....!