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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How to Make a Travel Farkel Game

My dear friend sent me a game of pocket Farkel recently. I had visited her on summer vacation this summer, and she attempted to teach me to play.

I loved the compactness of the pocket game, but was concerned that the plastic zipper bag would not hold up to the chaos of my handbag -- you seriously never know what I might be carrying around... scissors... craft knives... who knows?

Being a bit of a hoarder, I dug through my box of "cool containers to re-purpose" and found a mint tin and a tea tin.

I loved the tea tin -- it will be perfect for storing dice and score sheets, and even a felt sheet for dampening the noise of the dice roll, but I decided on the smaller mint tin for my purse.

The mint tin perfectly fits all six dice, plus the directions.

To turn the tin into a game holder, I traced around the lid and the base onto some scrapbook paper. I glued the paper onto the bottom and top of the tin, both inside and out. I also glued the scoring cheat sheet onto the inside of the lid.

I distressed the edges of the paper, and inked it with a stamp pad.

Add a little embellishment to the top, if desired, and fill the tin with dice and a set of folded instructions. Done!

This pocket Farkel game is perfect to slip into a purse or suitcase, for traveling, but if you manage to get out to the beach, be sure to look for shells and sand dollars during low tide, and save the Farkel play for hotels and airports! To see a fun project to do with all your beach combing  treasures, click here. 

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