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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Easy Last Minute Sugar Skull Decor!

Here is an easy last minute Halloween Sugar Skull project! This sugar skull project is suitable for bigger kids or adults. Basically, if you can use scissors and fold paper, you can do this craft.

I made my sugar skulls into an All Souls Day bunting, but you can use your sugar skulls singly, as well.
To make your sugar skulls, you will need:

  • paper (I used reclaimed reader's digest pages, but you can use any paper you have on hand)
  • pencil
  • markers and/or colored pencils
  • scissors
  • string or yarn (if you are making a garland)

Start by gathering your paper. I used reclaimed vintage book pages, but plain paper will also work.

Fold the paper in half, lengthwise, then lightly sketch the outline of a skull. No need for perfection here, in fact, exaggeration will bring better results. Cut out along sketched lines.

Make lots, if you want. Experiment making each one unique.

To create the eye sockets, fold width-wise, at the temple. Fold the skull in half again, along the original crease line.

Cut a half moon shape from the double fold, right where you want the eye sockets to be.

Open the quarter-fold and cut an upside-down heart for a nose. You can experiment with fancier nose shapes if you want.

Open your skull all the way, and lightly sketch a wide mouth and teeth and lots of flowers on the chin and forehead and cheeks. Get creative!

Color in the flowers and mouth. Add decorative borders to the eye sockets, and outline the nose and skull to make everything pop.

Sting them together to create a sugar skull bunting, if desired.

Use lots of bright pretty colors and have fun with this folk art project!

For another project using vintage book pages, check out this woven star tutorial!

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