Google+ House Revivals: V is for Vault

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

V is for Vault

This week's alphabet meme letter is "V".  I thought about writing about the TV series "V", which I love, love, love, but alas it really doesn't fit the mission of this blog.

I do have the other blog, which is sort of a "catch-all" for topics that don't fit here, but I don't have time for two posts this week -- because, I think, just maybe, if I cross my fingers tightly enough, we're going under contract on the BEACH HOUSE this week!

And it's really hard to type with your fingers crossed.

So, this week I'm writing one post about vaults

Really, though, I won't write much, because it just takes too long (since my fingers are crossed, and all). Instead, I'm giving a pop quiz!  Hopefully Mrs. Matlock won't mind.  I'll even give you the answers-- just try to match the answer to the correct picture.  Easy peasy.

Here are the pictures:

And here are the answers (click on the word to cheat or to see the image sources):
Dome Vault
Barrel Vault
Groin Vault
Pole Vault
Rib Vault
Fan Vault
Bank Vault
Radium Vault
Vault Beverage

And there are prizes!  If you get all the answers right, without cheating, your prize will be a really good feeling inside.  If you have to cheat a little, your prize is that you learned a new thing today.  Good luck, and thanks for stopping by!

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