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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Valentine Pocket Hangers and Garlands {Upcycled Mixed-Media}

A couple of years ago, I found a great deal on old LP's in a local Goodwill. They were ten cents a piece, so I grabbed a stack of albums that met one of two criteria: good album, or good cover graphics.

We keep an old stereo at the beach house, so LP's get plenty of use, but since not all the vinyl was in good shape, I was looking for album covers that could easily be re-purposed. I found a melted LP, with beach themed graphics and decided to make some Valentine pockets with it.

I also had an old calendar and other assorted ephemera that I wanted to use.

To make you own pockets, you will need to create a paper templates. First, I folded a piece of old calendar paper in half, and cut out a heart about five or six inches high, and about five inches wide. This is for the back, or base, of the pocket.

Next, I cut the pocket template, making it about three-fourths the height of the heart and a half inch wider at the top of the pocket, than the heart is at the corresponding height. This extra width for the top of the pocket is what gives it dimension.

For each heart base, cut one piece of recycled cardboard (I used an old cereal box), and two pieces of old calendar (look for the word "February", and the date "14", if this is for Valentine's Day).

Next, glue the calendar hearts to the front and back of the recycled cardboard hearts.  Then cut out the pocket pieces from the album cover (the album cover cardboard will be more flexible than cereal box cardboard, and easier To bend into a pocket shape). Decorate the pocket fronts with ephemera, if desired, and glue the pocket fronts to the bases, along the outside edge.

Add rickrack trim, if desired, or ink the edges, or spray with metallic mist, or add washi tape, or punch holes around the heart and add stitching. Basically, embellish a little, or embellish a lot, or don't embellish at all. Whatever you do will be perfectly beautiful.

I punched holes in three of the pockets, and made a little Valentine pocket banner.

Fill your pockets with notes or pretty things.

Another option is to hang the pockets singly, over a wall hook or a door knob.

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