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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How to Create Altered Art Jewelry

Here is an easy and fun jewelry DIY that uses altered dog tags. These little necklaces take absolutely zero jewelry making skill and go together very quickly.

Altering dog tags is a great way to get your feet wet, if you've been thinking of trying your hand at altered art. Altered journals and canvases can feel a bit intimidating, but dog tags are only about one by two inches in size, so you can finish a project in under half an hour.

These necklaces can make great gifts or keepsakes, too. To make these necklaces, I use these stainless steel dog tag sets. Here is my affiliate link so you can check them out:


These are a steal, at $24.60 for a pack of fifty dog tags. These packs also include fifty ball chains and are eligible for free shipping.

I love dog tags, because they are essentially tiny little canvases just waiting for your creative inspiration. Altered dog tags would make a great craft night project with your creative friends.

For the altered dog tags shown here, I started by applying a simple background paper using Mod Podge. I used paper towels saved from paint projects that I shared about in this post on creative mixed-media supplies.

I was feeling inspired by the sea, and the paint and ink stained paper towels reminded me of mermaids. I love the mermaid scale texture created by the paper towels. I traced around a dog tag, to make a pattern, then cut the pattern out, just a tiny bit inside the lines, to account for the "frame" of the dog tags. Once I was happy with my pattern, I traced it onto my paper towels. If you don't happen to have painted paper towels, check out my post linked above for lots of other ideas for mixed media supplies.

I went online and searched for sea related quotes. When I found some I liked, I printed them off and cut them out. It really was that easy! You can trace around the quotes to add depth to your "canvas" if you'd like. To finish your piece, simply punch or pierce the paper where the hole is on the steel dog tag. Add an eyelet if you like. Or not. It's up to you. String your altered art dog tag onto the ball chain with a couple of pretty charms, and you're done.

To see how I busted my stash to make a handy supply of beaded charms, click here.

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