Google+ House Revivals: Materials to Use for Mixed-Media Art

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Materials to Use for Mixed-Media Art

Have you ever looked a piece of mixed-media art, or an art journal, and wondered how on earth the artist thought to use the materials they chose? The options are endless!

I've been getting back into mixed media projects lately, and shared this art journal guest book this summer.

Art journals and art canvas backgrounds can be made from just about anything! I save all my paper towels from other paint or ink projects for use in mixed-media projects. Simply dry them out and stack them with other supplies.

If you like to sketch while talking on the phone, or as a way to unwind at the end of the day, or to pass the time while waiting to have the oil changed, save those doodles and drawings in a file to add to your mixed-media journals.

Simply cut out around your sketch, and glue them into your journal or onto your mixed-media canvas. Other great materials include book pages (they don't have to be in English), scrapbook paper, and children's books. I love using vintage book pages, because it gives great background texture. You can always dry brush a bit of paint over your background to tone it down, if you need to.

Game cards are great for backgrounds or letters and words can be cut from the cards and added to your art.

Vintage ephemera adds a unique touch. I love this buttonhole technique brochure found at a local Goodwill Store.

Keep on the lookout for vintage greeting cards, as well!

Vintage wallpaper is amazing, as are vintage clothing patterns. Use the envelope or use the tissue or the instructions from inside!

Occasionally, a sketch gets developed a bit more -- in this case, I was experimenting with a set of oil pastels from Daiso Japan. Daiso Japan is like a Dollar Store, but everything is $1.50. I was pretty impressed with how well the oil pastels performed, considering the price!

Art and journaling doesn't have to be expensive. You don't need to run to the store for all your materials. You may find exactly what you need in an old box of letters or in in your recycling bin, or on the notepad next to your phone. What do you have in your art stash?