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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Make a Starburst Mirror from Recycled Magazines

I'm still loving all the gorgeous starburst mirrors out there! I liked the mid-century inspired mirror so much I decided I needed another.  It's such a classic form, I'm glad it's been seeing a revival in the last few years.  I especially like carved reeded mirrors, like this one from Layla Grayce.

At six hundred dollars, it is a little out of my reach, so I decided to make my own.   I wasn't quite sure how I would make it until I was bundling up a stack of old magazines to recycle.  Then the light bulb came on, and I created my own version of a carved and gilded mirror. I love how it turned out!

To make your own starburst mirror, start by tearing magazine pages into strips.  I used magazines with really good heavy paper.  Next, I just rolled the strips around a chopstick to create little narrow cones. Although I only used one thickness of paper at a time, if I were to do it again, I would double the paper strips before rolling to make the cones extra strong.  I wrapped a little painter's tape around the chopstick to keep the paper from slipping while I rolled it.  Secure each cone with glue.

Repeat the first step about two million times, then, using the wide end of your chopstick, push the wide open end of your little paper cones closed.  I pushed some a little more than others, so I would have about three different finished sizes to work with.

Keep pushing and folding the wide end in on itself until you get to the really strong part of the cone.

Glue groups of five to seven cones together to form the starburst rays.

 Glue a piece of recycled cardboard to the back of each group of cones.

Decide how you want to place the rays and glue them to a piece of cardboard. For my starburst, I stacked one group of cones on top of another to give the finished starburst greater depth.

Next, I took shorter single cones and glued them in the spaces between the rays.  I honestly think you could have a fantastic mirror at this point, if you just glued on a mirror.  The graphics on the magazine pages look really colorful and pretty.  I was on a mission, however, to create a gilded knock-off.

Prime, and paint your starburst as desired.  I used gesso as a primer, to give the project more strength and texture.  Glue your mirror to the cardboard and add a "frame" around the mirror if desired.  I used a thrifted woven belt, weaving the ends together to form a continuous circle.  I then filled in the gaps between the belt and the rays with joint compound, gessoed it and painted everything.

The back of the starburst was reinforced with additional cardboard and a hanger was added.

I REALLY like how it turned out!

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