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Monday, April 18, 2011

Beach House Guest Room Update

We shared this concept for our guest room remodel several weeks ago, and thought it might be time for a quick update.

This room (and the whole house, for that matter) has undergone some altitude changes lately!

This is what the room looked like when we first saw it.  It was dirty and moldy, and full of construction (or should I say "destruction") debris.

This is how it looked after some serious cleaning.  The drywall wall has been removed from the lower half of the walls to prepare for the next step of the remodel -- lifting the house nine feet to recapture the ocean view.

Here, the house has been raised three feet.  This wing of the house was a converted garage, so the walls were detached from the slab and lifted straight up.  That's the sliding door to the guest room, with the steel beam running through it.

Next, the house was raised six more feet!  If you look up in this picture, you will see the guest bedroom way up there -- with no floor...

Now, the space has a floor!   All the electric has been roughed in, so as soon as it's inspected, we will close up the walls.  A new sliding door is on its way, to replace this one, and the contractors will be starting the guest room deck in just a few days. 

Here is a reminder of how the exterior of the guest room has progressed.

When we found this oceanfront house, it looked like this.  It is literally only two hundred feet down a path through the dune grass to the beach, and the crashing surf!

But it had lost its view, due to a growing sand dune.  We decided to buy the house and have it lifted.  In the photo above, the house has been raised about three feet.  Those sliding doors are the doors you saw above in the guest room interior pictures.

Now it's up nine feet!  

 And here is a quick overview of the before and after concept.

You can see more on this guest room remodel, here.  To read more about the beach house renovation, go here.

And, I can't wait to share our plans for the other guest space!  This room is right next to the other guest room in the garage wing of the house.  Our short term goal for the room is for it to be clean and dry and habitable.  The longer term goal involves the space shown below.

This space is directly over the first guest room (the one with the sliding doors).  The wall on the left in this picture is the top several feet of the wall on the right in the picture of the second guest room.

Can you guess our plan?

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