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Monday, June 4, 2012

How to Build a Beach Ladder

We've had a little bit of beach erosion in the last year, and what used to be a gentle approach to the beach has turned into a sand cliff.  We could still clamber up and down, but not without getting pretty sandy.  My husband and youngest son decided to build a beach rope ladder as a Mother's Day project a few weeks ago.

They started with a trip to the hardware store where they bought some four by four boards and a length of rope.  When they got home, they cut the boards into eighteen inch rungs and drilled holes on each end of each rung for the rope to pass through.

To insure that the spacing between each rung was the same, they built a little jig.

Next, it was simply a matter of threading the rope through each side of the ladder, and knotting the rope below each rung to secure it.

The ladder was then staked into place at our beach access.

We played around with the placement until we were satisfied.

Now it's easy to get up and down our beach access -- even with an armload of marshmallow roasting supplies. 

This was a perfect Mother's Day present. I'm not sure how to top this for Father's Day!  Do you have any big projects planned for Father's Day?

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  1. What an awesome idea! Very resourceful your son is!
    Have fun on the beach!



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