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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

doors and drawers revisited

Well, it's time for another confession.  I absolutely love vintage doors and drawers.  I like them used for their original purpose, but I also like when someone "shakes things up" a little.  One of my favorite adaptations is this one....

... it's pretty cool how the designer adapted these drawers from, well, drawers!  I love the mix of styles and colors, and the juxtaposition of clean modern lines with traditional drawer styles.

Here's another example from the same source (
It's great how the designer left the original character of the drawers intact.

Staples Cabinet Makers are masters of adaptive reuse, as we see here, with this repurposed locker door.

And with this file drawer chest repurposed as a coffee table.

It's especially nice how the artisans at Staples Cabinet Makers respect the history of a piece, allowing it to tell the story of it's previous life...

... as shown by this scarred up outbuilding door re-purposed as a cabinet door.

You just can't fake this kind of distressing!

This sign from Casual Cottage Chic, made from a kitchen cabinet door, has a built in frame!

And how about a folding table made from an old door?  Schools and offices are constantly throwing folding table frames away, as the contact paper like surface peels away, leaving the particle board exposed to damage.  This article explains how to transform cast-offs into this cool table.
 What a great way to up-cycle!

And, of course, we can't forget the old stand-by, the door headboard!  Here is an example from Country Living Magazine.

And here is an example from Sunset Magazine.
I love how the designer used a pair of doors oriented vertically.  The crown molding and the sweet little sconces give a nice finishing touch.

It's amazing how a little creativity can save a piece from the landfill, and bring beauty, function, and history into our lives!

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