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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Grade AA Crafting

Here is a glimpse of a Grade AA ornament idea that bounced around in my brain every morning at breakfast time for nearly twenty years -- that's a lot of brain bouncing!

Today I will share a little before and after, and save the tutorial for a later post.

For years, every time I opened up an eighteen count carton of eggs, the inside top of the carton would make me happy.  Of course, the beautiful texture of the cardboard  was part of the reason, but there was something else....

I would say to people "that looks just like four little old-fashioned cars"....

... and they would look at me like I was crazy.

So, one day I decided to show every one that there really were four little cars in every egg carton!

These little ornaments make great hostess gifts, teacher gifts, or baby gift tie-ons,  and can be adapted to suit any holiday.  I've even made several "just married" versions of the little car as wedding gift tie-ons!

It didn't take long to realize there were little planes hiding in the cartons, too.
And sailboats, and canoes, and even a few kayaks, but we'll save those for another post!

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